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>> NEW Back Mounted Counterlungs to be launched at Eurotek 2012

APD Back Mounted Counterlung

Dear All

We are delighted to announce we will be launching the new Back Mounted Counterlungs at the Eurotek conference in Birmingham (UK) this weekend. 

The Back Mounted Counterlungs (BMC) are available as an upgrade kit for existing APD rebreathers or as an option specified with any new unit.

Why Back Mounted Counterlungs?

The benefits of the Back Mounted Counterlungs include:

# Clutter-free chest area

# Stream-lined diver profile with reduced drag

# More space available to clip on kit

# Easy location of manual inflators

# Easy to trim

# Unique integral shoulder strap & harness design ensures the counterlung is fixed in the optimum position for best breathing performance

# Excellent breathing characteristics in all typical diving positions

The BMC has been third party tested and is CE Approved.

The Back Mounted Counterlung design is the product of many years experience and development involving extensive manned and unmanned trials and testing. Our primary goal was to optimise the work-of-breathing performance of the lung.
As a result, we believe we have now produced a unique back mounted counterlung - the best available - and comparable to the renowned high performance of our existing over-the-shoulder design.

The BMC consists of 3 main components and 2 optional components.

The Back Mounted Counterlung Upgrade Kit 

BMC Options
The oxygen inflator assembly is sold individually and is optional according to the diver's training level and preferences (for example PADI Rec18 - 30 does not allow an O2 inflator).

Although the ADV is optional, we strongly advise that the BMC performs best with an ADV fitted. The ADV is optional because existing customers may wish to transfer the ADV from their existing unit. If this is the case, obviously, care should be taken to refit correctly and test the loop integrity thoroughly before use. Advice or factory-fitting is available.

BMC Further Options

The BMC is sold with a redesigned harness which is necessary to accommodate the unique new shoulder strap design in which the strap is integral with the lung and ensures that the counterlung is fixed in the ideal position on the shoulder for optimum breathing performance.

APD Back Mounted Counterlungs

The BMC features regular APD over-pressure valves on the inhale and exhale lung which are designed to maintain lung pressures below 40mbar when in the "dive" setting. Both valves allow manual gas dumping, water drainage and feature dual settings for loop test and dive modes.
BMC with Inflators and ADV
[shown with both inflators and an ADV fitted]

APD Rebreather with Back Mounted Counterlungs

Back Mounted Counterlungs showing clutter-free chest area



The Counterlung (2 colour options: yellow or grey) is offered in 1 size only but with two attachment points (high and low) allowing adjustment to cater for different body lengths to ensure the BMC sits in the optimum position on the shoulders.

The Harness is offered in 4 waist sizes which correspond to the existing harness sizes. So if you currently have a Large harness, you will fit a Large in the new harness etc. The exception to this is the current Small and current Medium are both the same size on the waist and therefore have been combined into the new Medium harness. 

The Manual Inflators are offered with 3 hose length options (70cm, 76cm and 84cm) on the hose that returns gas from the inflator block to the counterlung. These lengths are designed to match up with your existing low pressure inflator hoses that feed gas from the diluent manifold or the oxygen first stage to the inflator block. These existing hose lengths are determined by rebreather model and the size of your current OTS counterlung. Therefore, to size your inflator hoses correctly we need to know this information.

Please contact 01326 563834.


BMC Retail Price List

Scooter Ring Crotch Strap Option

The BMC requires crotch straps to prevent ride-up of the harness in-water. As an alternative to the standard 25mm dual straps we have designed a 50mm webbing through-the-legs strap with stainless 3-bar sliders and a stainless stand-off D ring, ideal for Scooter attachment.
Scooter Ring Crotch Strap

We will be demonstrating the new kit at the Autumn shows, Eurotek, the NEC and DEMA and look forward to seeing some of you there.

Best Regards

The A.P.Diving Team

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October 2012


>> New APD
Back Mounted Counterlungs


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